Serving Board experiments

For years, woodworkers have filled various voids (knots, splits, bug damage, etc) with epoxy. It is a relatively quick process that solidifies the void and let’s you work it with the standard wood toolset.  As of late this composite material, called so because it is made of two or more materials to make the final form, has come into the forefront of wood design.  From wood enasement to river tables it is quickly becoming the on point trend for designers looking for the next thing. 


I’ve been messing with and obsessing over the usage of composite material for years.  I have a memory of working on my train set as kid and using it to make a water feature.  In junior high (mid 80’s) shop class we used it to coat wooden clocks we made. Now I’m using it to make serving boards, melding wood and epoxy in colors and styles to create pieces of art to serve and delight your guests (and yourself). The one pictured above is the most recent work in progress. Here are a few from the recent past.