Back at it with new stuff!

The surgery was a success and my recovery has gone well with only a few hiccups along the road. I did underestimate the timeline that it would take. I appreciate the patience of the clients that had projects be delayed by this (they were made aware of the situation prior). So as I continue to build up stamina and rebuild strength, I have been putting these projects to bed and doing some new work.

Here’s a finished dog crate and brass shelving unit that was just in DesignSTL magazine:


There is also a faceted modern mantle that is in coating right now that will be quite the stunner once installed.

In other news, I have started a YouTube channel for the biz. Right now I’m stocking it with some old bits I filmed, however it will be home for all new content as well. I have some ideas for a new direction for it, so make sure to check it out here and remember to click the “Subscribe” button to stay up to date.

Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes and checked in during the surgery and recovery. It truly warms this old curmudgeons heart :P.

Upcoming Shop Closure

This coming Tuesday May 7, I will be undergoing heart surgery and the shop will be closed until I'm recovered.  If you have questions or design ideas you want to pursue, the early work-concepts and designs I will be able to take on.  However no shop work will be happening for at least a month.  Thank you for your understanding and look forward to working with you all once the doctors give their clearance. 

Joining the digital revolution - a few years into it.


A new upgrade has landed (almost) in the shop. To add another capability to the tool arsenal I have procured an Inventables X-Carve  CNC router for the shop. It’s not a production machine, it’ll be used for milling out pieces and parts for one off builds and prototypes.  With a work area of 1000mm X 1000mm (40” x 40”) it’s plenty big to do pieces for what I build.  If not, I have sources to handle the larger items.  This mostly for me to learn on and make the small items that come to me in the middle of the night and aren’t something I want to pay to run through a larger machine.  


It comes as a kit and the boxes have started rolling in. This is the important one with the router and electronics in it.  Now to set aside some time to get this built and setup.  



Going to be like building my first R/C car kit or upgrading turbos on real cars back in the day.  Excited to get this together and get rolling with it.  

Serving Board experiments

For years, woodworkers have filled various voids (knots, splits, bug damage, etc) with epoxy. It is a relatively quick process that solidifies the void and let’s you work it with the standard wood toolset.  As of late this composite material, called so because it is made of two or more materials to make the final form, has come into the forefront of wood design.  From wood enasement to river tables it is quickly becoming the on point trend for designers looking for the next thing. 


I’ve been messing with and obsessing over the usage of composite material for years.  I have a memory of working on my train set as kid and using it to make a water feature.  In junior high (mid 80’s) shop class we used it to coat wooden clocks we made. Now I’m using it to make serving boards, melding wood and epoxy in colors and styles to create pieces of art to serve and delight your guests (and yourself). The one pictured above is the most recent work in progress. Here are a few from the recent past.  


Ring around a table...

Designer Melanie Holden had found the perfect table for her clients new home,. However the manufacturer didn't make it in a large enough diameter for their needs. Melanie contacted me and we worked out a design to expand the diameter of the table and still keep it unique and modern. I fabricated a ring of just under 8' in diameter to go around the table. This gives the homeowners the additional space they desired without having to give up the table they love.  After a couple of finishes were discussed, it was decided to go with satin black. This kept the clean aesthetic of the home and didn't detract from the beautiful wood top they already had. A truly one of a kind project with its own challenges. Thank you to Melanie and her clients for entrusting this build to me.  


Rustic Mantle Installed

A large reclaimed cedar beam with blackened hardware was installed today. This piece from a barn beam is worn, has saw marks, chain hits and everything else that shows it worked hard holding up the structure. Now it gets to relax above the fireplace held in by Shelfology brackets and turnbuckles. The turnbuckles do help hold the beam in place, as well as add to the vintage look of the piece.  


All done up for the holidays  

All done up for the holidays  

Petal Table Delivered

The long awaited day came earlier this week when the Petal Table went to its final home. An original design of mine, four individual petals that together form one table. The units can be pulled out for use while lounging on the couch, then pushed back together for a traditional coffee table look. The design was inspired by a table by Richard Schultz in 1960 that is manufactured by Knoll.   This one is Missouri Black Walnut with chromed steel legs. All the work, sand chrome, was performed by myself.  


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a great day of food and friendship.  I want to take a second to thank all my clients, suppliers and subcontractors for their work and dedication.  I couldn’t do this without them.   

Also, just a note that some new things have been added to the site. Yes, an update has occurred!  Miracles happen during the holidays. Lol