Back at it with new stuff!

The surgery was a success and my recovery has gone well with only a few hiccups along the road. I did underestimate the timeline that it would take. I appreciate the patience of the clients that had projects be delayed by this (they were made aware of the situation prior). So as I continue to build up stamina and rebuild strength, I have been putting these projects to bed and doing some new work.

Here’s a finished dog crate and brass shelving unit that was just in DesignSTL magazine:


There is also a faceted modern mantle that is in coating right now that will be quite the stunner once installed.

In other news, I have started a YouTube channel for the biz. Right now I’m stocking it with some old bits I filmed, however it will be home for all new content as well. I have some ideas for a new direction for it, so make sure to check it out here and remember to click the “Subscribe” button to stay up to date.

Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes and checked in during the surgery and recovery. It truly warms this old curmudgeons heart :P.