Joining the digital revolution - a few years into it.


A new upgrade has landed (almost) in the shop. To add another capability to the tool arsenal I have procured an Inventables X-Carve  CNC router for the shop. It’s not a production machine, it’ll be used for milling out pieces and parts for one off builds and prototypes.  With a work area of 1000mm X 1000mm (40” x 40”) it’s plenty big to do pieces for what I build.  If not, I have sources to handle the larger items.  This mostly for me to learn on and make the small items that come to me in the middle of the night and aren’t something I want to pay to run through a larger machine.  


It comes as a kit and the boxes have started rolling in. This is the important one with the router and electronics in it.  Now to set aside some time to get this built and setup.  



Going to be like building my first R/C car kit or upgrading turbos on real cars back in the day.  Excited to get this together and get rolling with it.